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Friday, July 10, 2015

Skinny Pineapple Ice Cream Floats

These days everybody is so busy running around. Running to work, picking up the kids from school, taking the kids to their gymnastics (or insert sport here) practice, running to the store, to the gym, and back to the store. You get the hint, everybody's just so darn busy doing something.

I think it's time we all take a break. Put down our smartphones, turn off the TV, unplug from the world, and enjoy this moment. Live in the now.

Take a little "me" time to sit back on your front porch and relax those weary feet, catch your breath, let your hair down, and listen to the sounds of the world all around you.

And I've got just the treat for you to enjoy this moment with, my Skinny Pineapple Ice Cream Float. A chilled, bubbly tropical drink with creamy scoops of vanilla frozen yogurt to whisk your worries away with just one sip.

Yes, a skinny ice cream float! I used fat free frozen yogurt with no added sugar and Ice’s Pineapple sparkling water to create this chillin' tropical delight. Your taste buds won’t be able to tell the difference!

So sit back and enjoy this moment because nothings better than an ice cream float on a hot summer day. Well, maybe my Skinny Pineapple Ice Cream Float on a tropical beach with Brad Pitt somewhere in the middle of the ocean.

Oh well, a girl can dream….and until then, I'll be sipping on my pineapple ice cream float!

Skinny Pineapple Ice Cream Floats

Recipe by Julie Murphy
A chilled fizzy tropical skinny drink.
Prep time: 5 minutes
Cook time: 0
Total time: 5 minutes
Yield: 2 ice cream floats
  • 1 - 17 ounce bottle ICE Sparkling Coconut Pineapple water
  • 4-6 scoops vanilla frozen yogurt, fat free with no added sugar
  • 2 wedges fresh pineapple, for garnish
  1. In 2 tall glasses, add 2 to 3 scoops of vanilla frozen yogurt to each glass.
  2. Slowly pour sparkling coconut pineapple water over the top of the frozen yogurt, until the glass is full.
  3. Garnish with fresh pineapple wedges.
  4. Serve and enjoy the moment!

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