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Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Warming Winter Cocktails for Cold Nights

It took awhile for winter to get here, but now that it's here, its not letting up any. We're getting more rain here in Georgia, with another cold front, and the weatherman is even talking about snow again...Ugh!

Arctic polar fronts, rain, sleet, ice, and snow....I've had enough! No, this Cali girl could never live in Michigan or Canada. I really don't know how y'all do it up north.

This is how I've been feeling...enough already winter!

So to help keep you warm this winter, I'm sharing these warm cocktail recipes for a cold winter's night from FIX. These cocktails will help you forget how cold it is outside while making you feel all warm and cuddly.

Luckily, winter doesn't last forever (although it seems to sometimes) and it's only 25 more days until Spring, with Summer following close behind.

So raise your glass with me to warmer, sunny days and sandy beaches.

Source: Fix.com

*If you aren't able to view all of the ingredients on my page, visit original source here.