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About Me

Hi, I'm Julie and cooking and baking is my passion. I love food. I love cooking with it, baking with it, eating it, and creating delicious recipes to share.

I learned how to cook and bake from my mom, Thank you Mom (too bad she won’t ever see this as she’s computer challenged). My love for food is why I created Sweet and Spicy Monkey.

My mom was  is the best cook and baker I’ve ever known, hands down. Growing up my friends would love coming over to my house because my mom would either have cookies or cake to offer or bake something while they were there visiting.
I was born and raised in sunny California, which probably explains my love for Mexican food. And I moved to Georgia for my career over ten years ago, where I currently reside with my four fur babies - three dogs and an attack cat, Thor.

Thor was recently diagnosed with diabetes and has to have two insulin shots every day. We’re dealing with it, adapting his needs to my work schedule has been the hardest part. He’s back to his normal self now after his DKA scare back in May 2014, where he was diagnosed with diabetes after almost losing him.
But that’s enough about me for now.
So if you love food as much as I do, then come follow me into my kitchen or any of the other listed sites under my Follow Me button on my Home page and see what I'll be cooking up next...

My mom, Dad, and me.