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Thursday, October 23, 2014

S'mores Candy Corn Marshmallow Treats (aka Marshmallow Gremlins)

I can’t remember the last time I made rice crispy treats, that sticky, crispy, sweet marshmallowey (yep, that is a word in my kitchen {smile}) goodness I loved when I was a kid. So when I saw these candy corn marshmallows at my local grocery store, I just knew I had to make some.

Since it had been years from the last time I made marshmallow treats, I forgot how messy the whole making process was! Melted marshmallow sticks to E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G! Even the pot and spoons I used to make it. Yes, I used two spoons because the marshmallow was a big blob on one spoon and the other spoon was used to help get the marshmallow off the other spoon, which really wasn’t much help at all! So there I was in my kitchen, laughing like some crazy lady with two spoons full of marshmallow treats!

I really wish you could have been there because you would have been laughing at me! Sorry, no photos of that as my hands were also covered in marshmallow treats. Now I know why kids love making these!

After I got all the marshmallow off my hands and the spoons and into the pan, I finally got smart and sprayed my hands with a little bit of nonstick coconut spray. This worked great as I used my hands to help flatten the top of the marshmallow treats into the pan. I might remember this little trick for the spoons when I make these again {wink}.*

The result are these beautiful orange marshmallow treats sprinkled with S’mores candy corn. Don’t they just look spooktacular!

I like to refer to them as marshmallow gremlins, after the scene in my kitchen when I was creating them {smile}.

S’mores Candy Corn Marshmallow Treats (aka Marshmallow Gremlins)


3 Tablespoons butter

1- 14 ounce package of Candy Corn Marshmallows

6 cups crispy rice cereal

1 package S’mores candy corns


Prepare 11" x 8" pan by spraying with nonstick cooking spray and wiping off excess with clean paper towel. You can also use butter or margarine if preferred. Set aside.

Over low heat, melt butter in a large sauce pan. 

After butter has melted, add marshmallows and cook over Low heat until thoroughly melted.

Remove from heat and stir in crispy rice cereal. Making sure all cereal is covered with marshmallow.

Place in prepared pan and press down with hands. * See above for tips.*

Sprinkle S’mores candy corns over the top.

Let cool before serving.

Cut into squares and enjoy!

Store in airtight container.

Original recipe ~ The Original Rice Crispies Treats

*Helpful Hints*

- You might want to spray nonstick cooking spray on utensils used after the cooking process. Of course, you won't have as much fun as I did when making them!

- These would also be great for Thanksgiving treats with their orange coloring and the S'mores candy corns.

- All measurements are US

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